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I won’t be home for Christmas. Help.


It feels so surreal right now to be sitting here writing this. Growing up in a culture where we find every excuse to lime, drink, eat and spend time with family, it goes without saying that NO TRINI MISSES CHRISTMAS at home. Okay let’s be real, no Trini misses Christmas or Carnival* but you could read all about the Carnival Tabanca is this previous post.

Making the decision to move away from home, I knew that I would have to eventually experience my first Christmas away from Trinidad and BOY is it hard. No one warned me about this! I think I’ve tried to convince myself the last few weeks that it will be okay and I’ll be able to get through it… but it’s so so hard. I’ve learned that there is no more of a true statement than Trini Christmas is The Best.

For the season so far I’m sure you have all eaten enough pastelles, homemade hops and black cake & drank enough sorrel & ponche-de-creme to make you already sick of Christmas food and Christmas day isn’t even here yet. Listened to parang, had your work Christmas party, cleaned the house and even have Ole Years outfits ready to go – am I right?

Trinidadian Christmas traditions are what make it so difficult to not be there through it all. It’s easy to say that a Christmassy feeling is a choice and that it’s something you can make yourself feel – but experiencing this first hand, I’m voting that the Christmas I have grown up with and the traditions of Trini Christmas are what makes this Christmassy feeling to me. It’s one of those times of year where you feel the energy in the air, and that joy just runs through your body. I’m hoping I’ll feel a little more of the Christmas spirit when I go join some Trini family for Christmas day (thankfully I have a tiny taste of home to spend Christmas with).

For now, all you lucky folks in the throes of Trini Christmas, make sure to appreciate every single second of it. Take the time to look around and be thankful for that present moment with your family and friends, because let me tell you, you never want to experience your first Christmas, not at home.

Any advice for surviving Christmas away from home? Give me all the tips!

– Sarah

ps – In case anyone was feeling sorry for me – the only thing getting me through right now is that I’ll be home for New Years 🙂



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