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Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oil: get your life in three flavours!

I have to start this post with an apology because it’s very late… I have a bit of a reason… but still- sorry guys. You see this is my very first food review (well food ingredient review) and I’m feeling a little out of my league. Getting to know the products was my best course of action so I spent the past few weeks testing them out. Folks, I can tell you with full certainty that my test subjects- Constance Estate Infused Coconut Oils by CGA, are good products. Really good!

Now no surprise there; CGA Ltd. has consistently produced great quality coconut oil based cooking ingredients (oils, margarines and shortening) and soaps (Sarah reviewed some of them here) for over 70 years, but flavour infused coconut oils are something new to the company. Spearheaded by CGA’s Gabrielle Agostini, everything about the oils is new- new sizes, packaging, flavours, branding- everything. After seeing a few sneak peaks of the label’s development on Instagram, it was great to actually see and taste the final product at last month’s launch.

I have to take a minute to talk about the launch. Some of you may know Gabrielle from her hugely successful blog and Instagram, “The Trini Traveller” (which are honestly travelling/ Insta goals), but she’s also a marketing pro and used her know-how to create a perfectly executed and very fun launch. Held at G Spot Food Truck, some of the best of the country’s chefs, food bloggers, critiques, branding pros and media mavens came together to meet, chat and sample the infused oil flavoured magic whipped up by G Spot’s Brigette and her team. It was wall to wall foodies-you-follow-on-Instagram and I chatted with so many nice folks (everyone was great, but Nicholas and Alex, y’all are delights). The vibe was fantastic and perfectly hyped a product that has proven to be worth it.

Coming in 250 and 500ml sizes, the rectangular bottles are attractive and enhanced by really great, updated labelling (done by Nicholas Huggins Design, aka Nik of Deftment to you fashion folk- you know it’s lit). Garlic, chilli or lemon flavoured, the infused oils are expeller pressed for quality and really perfectly flavoured so that they’re strong enough to actually flavour your food without overpowering the rest of your seasoning. On the night of the launch, each oil was used in the preparation of a course of tapas sized snacks to show the extent to which the overall flavour and aroma of each was enhanced by the oil’s addition. In my own kitchen, I’ve used them in a lot of favourite dishes and tasted a remarkable change in the overall flavour. Some chilli infused coconut oil to a red Thai curry does wonders, a touch of lemon infused oil is a great addition to salad dressing and the garlic infused coconut oil is a fantastic addition to white and pesto sauce pastas and as a marinade base for seasoned dumplings, roasted potatoes or croutons. My favourite flavour is probably the chilli and coming from a home of Mexican cooking, it’s been used in all sorts of things- Tinga, tomato stew and seasoned rice especially. At the launch it was also the base for a fantastic churro with chilli chocolate dip dessert that was honestly heaven and a total crowd pleaser. I’m definitely going to continue experimenting over Christmas so I might have to update this post lol.

Chilli infused oil cooked churros with chilli chocolate sauce.

Overall CGA, you’ve got an excellent product. I’ve been a longtime fan of your Purist sensitive skin soap, but I think these Constant Estate Infused Coconut Oils are my new favourites from you guys. I actually can’t find even one small problem with these and was on the lookout for some.
Congrats Gabrielle and the team, I’ve been recommending them to everyone.

NMFV fam, my launch night bottles came with recipes and here’s my favourite. Enjoy!

Till next time, my best,


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