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What’s going down, when you go down? A His and Her Guide to Oral Sex Part 1

What’s going down, when you go down? A His and Her Guide to Oral Sex Part 1
By #thotThoughts

In the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen, it’s hard to believe that people are still afraid of oral sex. Not only afraid, but there are people out here who do not know the proper way to treat their partner’s genitals when going down on them!

When I was sixteen years old, my partner, who was a little bit older than I was and a lot more versed told me “Listen, if you learn how to eat me out, I will teach you things you can only dream of”, always an apt student, I learned my lessons well, and so I will share with you a His and Her Guide to Oral Sex. #MakeHeadGreatAgain

For the boys, learning the topography of a vagina may be the single greatest thing you can ever learn in your sexual career. It is one of the most efficient feats of engineering you will ever encounter, and let’s face it, getting inside one is the single most important thing in your life after food and shelter if you’re hetero-sexual. Lesbians, this guide also applies to you as well.

Eating a vagina is much like eating a doubles, you start on the outside, work your way in and if you do it right, there’s going to be sweet sauce all over your hands and face…

To properly get the sweet sauce flowing you must understand the basic components of the vagina that really concern you:

♣ The labia majora (outer labia) are the two thick fleshy masses of tissue arising from the mons pubis and which form the two boundaries of the vulva.
♣ The Vulva – basically the money spot which contains the Clitoris and the other fun parts

Now the trick to eating a vagina is understanding that it’s about the whole thing. It’s about stimulating everything in a way that turns your partner on and gets her going to that point of orgasm.

Let’s start with the bara – aka the labia majora, start exploring there and work your way into the vulva. Use your lips, your tongue and your fingers to stimulate the outer lips working your way towards the clitoris and the inner parts of the vagina. For most women, the clit is THE MONEY SPOT, BUT ALSO PAY ATTENTION! Listen to your lover, while you’re exploring listen to her breathing, her reaction to the places that you touch and manipulate. Oral sex is very individual, it’s about learning which parts of your woman go straight into her brain and makes her cum. Just another note, the Clit is not a joy stick – be gentle, but give it a lot of love and moist care. DO NOT BITE, lick it, flick it gently with your tongue, but DO NOT BITE.

Also, very important, make sure you’re into this, it’s emotive what you’re doing and very private, make your woman feel like you’re enjoying this and it’s not a chore, trust me, it will pay off later, because once she’s primed and ready, you get to the super fun parts of finding your orgasm, and that my friend, is very fashionable.

Understand that while you must manipulate several parts with your face, lips and tongue, also entertain other erogenous zones, like the breast and nipples, and other parts of her body that, if you were paying attention, she likes being touched.

Hopefully if you’re doing it right, the sweet sauce flows! Don’t get alarmed, this is normal, this is you doing it right! Now, if you’re using your fingers there are some ground rules, clean your nails, file them down so they are not sharp, and don’t go jabbing them into the vagina like you’re picking your nose or searching for gold. This is tender and very sensitive flesh, go in gently, compliment your face work and switch up speeds and intensity. You also don’t need to eat the vagina for the whole time, be creative, mix things up a little bit till you get the right mix of foreplay and eating your lady out to get her to climax….and when she does climax DO NOT STOP, keep going! Ladies can cum again, and again if you’re good!

Now if you’re looking for the fabled “G-Spot”, it’s not that hard to find if you know what you’re looking for. It’s usually a few inches into the vagina, you can feel it on the forward side as you explore just before the navel and it feels kind of like a little bump, sort of like a pencil eraser tip. You just need to be patient to find it, but let me tell you, when you do – BOOM, Fireworks!

Well boys and girls, this is part 1 of the How to Eat your Lover, next week we’ll cover Blow Jobs and Prostate Glands. Let me know if the tips helped.

By for now,


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