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J’ouvert/Soaka Concerns: How Do I get This Shit off? (And other questions)

As I sit here looking like a purple Oompa Loompa, layered in clay, paint and powder, I fear for my shower tiles. Seeing that I’ve been awake since 2am, I don’t really want to spend 7 hours in the shower peeling back all the coloured concoctions that have seemed to fuse with my skin.

I thought I’d ask Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathogist, Dr. Naomi Dolly, MD, FAAD her advice on how to get this shit off.  She has been sharing great Carnival advice on Instagram and my grape-like exterior could do with some.

NMFV: How do you best get the paint and dye off your skin after Soaka and J’ouvert?

Dr. Dolly: Remove paint with baby oil or just simple water. Post a party with so much water, dryness of the skin is something that should be expected. I recommend having a quick shower to rinse all paint off, then moisturize skin when damp, with a fragrance free skin moisturizing cream (e.g Eucerin, Simple, Aveeno, Jergens, Curel, Cetaphil just to name a few). Lotions can be used instead of creams in a situation where the consistency of cream is not desired.

How do I de-puff my eyes for the early morning sunrise fetes?

Puffy eyes are complex. I will say at this time of year people suffering with puffy eyes in the morning only tend to have sinusitis or hay fever/ allergic conjunctivitis tendency. They are sometimes reacting to the Sahara dust. Have that assessed by a doctor qualified to do so, as you might be a candidate for antihistamines as well as topical steroids to the area. This decreases the swelling as improves the flow of fluid around your eyes. If you have known allergens, avoid.

Will all the drinking during Carnival make me break out? What is the best thing to drink? 

Alcohol has been associated with flares of acne around Carnival, particularly the ones with Brewer’s yeast (beer etc). Consumption of antioxidants always help with decreasing the chances of a breakout. Aside from keeping your body hydrated with lots of water, red wine might be a better choice of alcohol as its rich in antioxidants.

Is the mud from J’ouvert really good for my skin? I heard it tightens pores. 

Mud in J’ouvert is not ideal for your skin. Some claim that the sulphur content of the mud (if its sulphur based) helps skin, but one application will hardly be a drop in the bucket, and you might more likely to develop irritation of the skin from impurities in the mud used. I suggest using gentle cleansers as well as the right moisturizers to improve your overall skin health.


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