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Well guys, I’m officially on my way to being over the hill. You see today is my 31st birthday and up until Monday night, I’d forgotten it was this week. I went for dinner with some friends and you should have seen the deadpan look I got after several missed birthday plan hints my friend was throwing my way. Including impending memory loss, I have a healthy collection of silver hair, joints that creak like an old ship, the beginnings of laugh lines, the natural bedtime of a teenager and the temper of a geriatric man. But you know what? My 30th year has been amazing.

My teens and 20’s were all kinds of crazy but overall alright: but 30- 30’s where it’s at. I feel… myself. And this has been a year of serious (but great) change. I think that’s because this year, I actively took the time to mentally de-stress. Now all the NMFV readers and some of my closest friends are all into that healthy body and mind lifestyle- whereas I’m new to the party. I mean, I only go to the gym for bess body’s sake and always thought a good cuss and few drinks with the fellas were enough to keep the head right, but by 29, I was pretty burnt out. It was years of throwing all my energy into work, family, etc., so my resolution at 30 was to take some time to cultivate a good head-space. I hit the gym hard (ish), started reading for pleasure more, weeded out some stressful acquaintances and I spend some time every evening sitting quietly somewhere. Honestly, I almost always fall asleep during these few minutes, but that in itself is a de-stressor haha. Is it ever paying off.

I’m clear headed and confident. I know exactly who I am and what I’m capable of and I now know exactly how to deal with most stressors I might come across. It’s great.

So that’s what today’s post is about. Clear your head. Find ways to de-stress your life and spend some time centering yourself. It’s so simple to do and you’d be amazed at the improvements you’ll have in every aspect of your life.

Right. I’m off to lime. I’ll be a bandlaunch banton this month, so if you see me around, holla.

My best,

Estevan, the almost old man.


*cover image via Yaisa Tangwell


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