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“My style is black and expensive”

This week’s post is at the request of reader Kyle (hey man) and I think this is a good time for it. Bandlaunch season is currently raving in Trinidad, island carnivals are coming around, Crop Over (the best Caribbean carnival outside of Trini tbh) is in a few weeks, the NY Men’s shows are underway and it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere- I think it’s safe to say a LOT of us are out and about and looking to party. We’re also trying to look good, so why not step out in an old, but currently very popular style- monochrome.

Monochrome is a term used throughout the fields of the visual arts and design, in physics to describe the wavelengths of visible light and in ophthalmology to describe a certain type of visual impairment (monochromatism). It has everything to do with colour. Basically, something is monochrome when it utilizes only one colour or values of one colour throughout so that it has an overall tonal look. In fashion this can refer to an outfit that’s head to toe of pieces in a single colour like white, blue or yellow, but is also the term (erroneously used in my opinion but whatever) for a black and white look.

William Richard Green


Monochromatic dressing has been a style since practically forever and I’d say is really easy to pull off if you keep a few things in mind. First of all, choose a colour that works for you. Neon green for example, is an okay colour in moderation, but imagine seeing some fella walking around head to toe in it looking like a foolish lime. Actually I think it’s maybe best to avoid head to toe neon looks overall… Next, pay attention to the fit of the pieces you’re wearing because you’re basically going to be a solid block of colour, so your silhouette’s going to be very noticeable. Unless you’re intentionally going for an over-sized or deconstructed look, make sure your clothing all fits well and doesn’t have weird bulges or constrictions that could draw everyone’s eye. Finally, pay some attention to the fabrics and finishes on the individual pieces. Take a good look at some of the pictures posted here and see the way contrasting fabrics can break up the visual impact that a block of colour can have, while adding interest to your outfit.

Monsieur Jerome

One thing I’d add to this style that’s very in keeping with current trends is a fair amount of cool accessories in whatever colour you’re working with. Beads, bangles, ropes of strung stones, cool sunglasses, a set of rings, maybe a cool snapback- all that. Put a few on at once and hit the parties a la Dolce & Gabbana resort. My current favourite local accessory labels are Turtle Warriors, HAREM Jewellery, Rachel Ross and Fete A.E. (for fine jewellery pieces) and Deftment’s cool hats, but check out any men’s store, Upmarket and the like too.

So, think you’re a one colour man? Try it out and see.

Till next post, my best,


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