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Not Your Grandma’s Brooch: 6 ways to wear a pin

Super Duper Uper cute brand Bali Whispers is the creative outlet of real life unicorn Elena Molchanova. This Russian/ honorary Trini is exploding with vibrant style and personality. You would think her creative channel would be glitter murals or something like that, but no, Elena crotchets. Elena crotchets and sews. But get that image of your Auntie out of your head, because everything she creates is just as magical and quirky as the footprints she leaves wherever she walks.

One of the pieces that really grabbed at my heart is her little bird pin. On their own, they are perfectly sufficient as decorative art pieces. However, these little plush pins, embroidered with tiny sequins, are brooches. I had to get my hands on them and put them everywhere. Ideally I would want a full coat covered in them, but since I only got two, here’s what I did.


Pockets! Layer up brooches on the patch pockets of your shirts, jeans or in my case, overalls. Embellished pockets are always an interesting style details. I even put them on the slit pockets of the overalls, just like I would on regular jeans. Super simple way to create a little something extra on things you wear everyday. I like that. It means you can wear comfy, casual clothes when you don’t feel like dressing up, but still look special.

The expected thing to do would be to pin on your chest, near to your shoulder. If it ain’t broke… I actually went on a date the other night (eh hem) and wore sweat pants and a long sleeved tee, with these birdies pinned to my top. It was essentially pajamas, but appropriate enough for a swanky rooftop bar. The high heels helped too.

Freebie T shirt from NYFW Men 2017

I think when I first saw Elena from Bali Whispers style them, she wore them on her shoulders. I’ve always loved a strong shoulder top. As someone with a wider lower half, emphasis up top is always useful for balancing proportions. I pushed it a little bit and paired these little cuties with a top that has some colourful embroidered pictures on it. I like the idea of mixing it in with a print, and having them camouflage in the pattern, except for being 3D. Colour, Pattern, Texture, Shine people! (Stacy and Clinton fans know what I’m talking about).

Ruffled sleeve Sweatshirt from Katya Dobryakova

And of course accessories! I did my headband-turban hybrid, clutch and shoes. I have worn these sneakers so much even they are sick of it. I could almost hear them steups when I come close. So to add a little new life to them I pinned on the birds. By the way, they aren’t fish. Someone called them bird fish. No. Just birds, no fish. I also attached it to the zipper of my clutch. I could have also pinned it to the bag.

Bag from DVF

Honestly, this list barely scrapes the surface of how versatile these brooches are. I could think of a million other ways. This was barely even two different outfits. So if you want to stretch your wardrobe, consider smart additions like these. Maybe you’re trying my #NoNewClothes challenge (that both Emma and I have now failed) and want a lil something to make your outfit re-wears a little more diverse. Or maybe your inner old lady just feels the need to pin something on. Whatever the reason, these are some useful little fuckers.


A hundred thank Yous to fellow Blogger Meredith Morgan for taking these photos x


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