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Supremely good or frustratingly bad: The Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab

I feel like most people don’t recognize a good thing when they first encounter it. Take, for example, “Your Time Now”. When that song hit the airways, I was ready to label it Machel’s road march contender and was all in. Then a lot of you all- and Machel himself- decided it was basic and we ended up with “Beat It”, which should have been called WhyBlastedBother because who really thought that could contend with the Ultimate Rejects for the title? Now months later, everyone loves my first pick. Steups. This is a sore point with me obviously.

Anyway, to swing things back to the actual point of this post, this is exactly what I’m talking about with the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration. It’s good. It’s all beautifully made. It’s classic enough to be wearable for years to come… so why is there such a serious love/hate divide among so many “stylish” folk? I’m certain that given some time, they’ll be changing their tune.

Now Louis Vuitton is one of the ultimate French heritage labels and has been collaborating with creatives for years. The ensuing collections are generally serious hits- like their iconic and much cherished Takashi Murakami collab of 2002, the equally iconic 2012 Yayoi Kusuma collection, the mid 2000’s work with Pharrell through his Ice Cream label, Juergen Teller’s spectacular photography work with the Aw2016 lookbook and Ss17’s print work with Jake and Dinos Chapman (one of my favourites). Then there’s the pretty atrocious Jeff Koons collection that’s proof that not everything works… but whatever. Look at the creatives and you’ll notice that they’re all the best of the best- even Koons. So it’s no shock that Vuitton approached Supreme to collaborate as in the world of high fashion urban wear, this label is definitely one of the best.


Founded in 1994 as a label catering to NY’s skating (the brand makes hugely collectable skateboards), hip-hop, punk rock, indie and avant-garde art cultures, Supreme very quickly became a phenomenon, consistently selling out collections and collaborating with some of the world’s best creatives. Past collections have been with Nike, Damien Hirst, Timberland, Comme des Garcons, Terry Richardson, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and the like. Known for their quality of craftsmanship, strong design sense and eye catching branding, Supreme is at the forefront of quality urban fashion. A Louis Vuitton collaboration just seems to make sense now doesn’t it?


The collection was introduced with a January 2017 fashion show and is sold under limited release through pop up shops that began on June 30th in major cities around the world. The pieces are hard. to. get. Y’all, you can’t even buy this stuff on the brand’s sites (believe me I’ve tried. I’m considering harassing my sister to go to LA to get me a jacket)! Everything is beautifully made and so fresh. I love the well thought out combined branding on the monogrammed pieces and the bright clear Supreme red that was used practically throughout. Hell even the campaign is great and perfectly photographed.

So why the divided opinions? Some -like Stephanie, Sarah and I- love it, but I’ve heard that the styling is sup-par, the cut of the clothing pieces is off, that it’s overall ugly and that it’s both a step down for Vuitton and a sell out for Supreme. Well I’m here to tell naysayers that you’re all mad. And possibly blind. Are you not seeing the quality of the products this collaboration has brought about? Is the pop- art beauty of colour contrasts in the labelling going over your heads? Don’t you like fresh style? Yes I get that not everyone is into urban fashion, but some of those bags and accessories are made along traditional Vuitton lines and materials, and will be just as classic as more sombre versions in years to come. I remember the outcry when the colourful Murakami collection was first released, but look at how it’s considered a benchmark of design now. I think the same will happen with this Supreme collab collection because I it’s a really good fusion of street and high style.

So get in on this if you can. Or take a good look at the offerings and keep an eye out for just as cool vibes-y pieces to add to your wardrobe. Don’t make this another “Your Time Now” and have me side eyeing you in a few months, because the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration collection is not something to miss.

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