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The Lost Tribe (pour homme)

Last Saturday was one of the most anticipated band launches of the season-  Festival of the Bands, the combined 2018 costume and theme presentations of Bliss, Tribe and The Lost Tribe. Set up as a festival in St. Mary’s Grounds, St Clair, all sorts of booths, activities, food and drinks entertained the crowd before the sun went down and the presentations (and party) began. Now I missed all of these because a flu and allergies won’t let me be great, so I showed up just in time for the presentations at around 7:30. The Lost Tribe- coming off of a spectacular 2017, kicked it off with their 2018 theme, “Seven”.

In the days preceding the launch, the Lost Tribe team released a video detailing the story behind “Seven”, and this was played as a backdrop to dancers who introduced the sections. People have told me that there was a disconnection between the video/ dancers and the presentation, but personally, I was there to see the costumes so I didn’t notice that. Anyway, the ladies came on first and killed it. Sections “Hannah”, “Kathryn” and “Scarlet” are show-stopping and I think they’re going to look so great in the sun on Carnival Tuesday. “Kathryn” was the standout for me, with its neon cape and fantastic crown… think how that section’s going to look going down the road!

The fellas then invaded all together and literally took over the stage. Apart from William Tommy out-wining everyone in the party (lol), the costumes have been the main focus of discussions since- and I think that’s great. Opinions are divided. Apart from the ones liking them, I’ve been hearing a lot of, “they were ok,” and, “I was expecting more.” I just don’t get that because I think they’re great- and here’s why.

First off, I like that all the men’s costumes stuck to a longer pant length (or leggings and roomy shorts as in Rose) throughout the band. True, the same could be said for any other band’s board-shorts, but these all look like the designers were working with an overall cohesive theme in mind. Then, I REALLY like that the pants offered look a lot like modern athleisure wear instead of carnival pants. They look like cool sweatpants! Now my usual board-shorts always become home shorts after carnival, but I have friends who go liming in past year’s Lost Tribe pants and they still look great. Many of 2018’s options are definitely translatable as knock around liming clothes and I like that a lot.

Then there’s the fact that these are all actual costumes. I’m not at all coming for other band’s usual belt/ armbands/ headband men’s options because I’m one of the folks who likes to wear the least on the road too, but if you’re looking for an actual costume to play ah mas, the Lost Tribe’s where they’re at. I mean you’re getting standards, giant wings, face framing backpacks, purple collars with chains, cut up fabric jacket-looking things and a whole fan of little yellow flowers! Each option is definitely a look that’s pretty much guaranteed to make you memorable on the road.

So most of the negative comments I’ve heard are directed toward “Kathryn” and I again, don’t agree with them. Yes it’s a pretty plain costume. Yes the jacket will probably be warm in the road and the collar looks a little weird in pictures… but I really like it! I think the designer was going for a carnival take on a tracksuit and I’m into that. I like the length of the pants, the cool cap and the overall laid back vibe of this section. Look, not everyone wants the blinged out costume and as plainer options go, I think this is an updated, cool one. As for the jacket being hot- just unzip it.

My favourites are “Morgan” and “Hannah”, but I’d love “Scarlett” without the standard (I’d get fed up with it in about an hr), “Virginia” without the collar (I just don’t care for a big collar) and “Haylee” also without the collar. Believe me, I think they’re beautiful and well thought out, and I know I’m axing some of the main features of the costumes, but I know myself- I’ll probably hurt someone with them. The discs of “Morgan” and “Hannah” I can work with.

My one criticism is that I’d liked to have seen the male and female of each section presented together at the launch. Instead I was wondering what went with what until the band’s images were released. But that’s really it. I’m sure others have all sorts of opinions, but to me, this was a good show and the Lost Tribe’s “Seven” is pretty damn hot.

Thanks to the Lost Tribe’s creative director Valmiki Maharaj for the images and info. The men’s side of this year’s campaign is fronted by new face Zayn Maingot, with makeup by MAC’s Global Director of Make-Up Artistry, Romero Jennings (now in collaboration with the Lost Tribe!), grooming by Dollz Beauty Spa and fantastic fine art photography by Laura Ferreira Studios. Congrats guys, the campaign is littt!

So, found your costume yet?

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  1. Biondi

    August 3, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    The entire back of the Kathryn male jacket is mesh. So it’s easy breezy in the back.


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