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Turn Up The Lights In Here Babay

I hope you enjoy the Rihanna/Kanye song my title just glued into your head!

It’s been a while but I’m back and with a light post to put you all in the festive spirit. We’re about to enter the final quarter of the year and on the international fashion calendar, that means that the spring/summer 2018 women’s collections are being shown with a few menswear pieces thrown in. But in good old T&T, we’re gearing up for the Christmas season with Divali as an entrée to celebrations that are going to last until Ash Wednesday- don’t play, you know I’m not wrong. This means that a certain level of cosquelle is soon going to be appropriate and lucky for us all, judging from the major European runways we’re all going to be on trend! Extra-ness is in! Finally.


Now I’m not talking about the type of madness that some of you like to put on… I feel some folks really don’t think through a situation. At one wedding last weekend, a man showed up in a plastic jewel covered coat, a girl in frilly pumpum shorts and another man in a cape looking like cosplay Fay-Ann from her “Raze” video- but worse. I get wanting to stand out fashion wise because that’s what Instagram’s for, but THIS isn’t what I mean when I say a certain level of cosquelle. I’m talking about good style with just the right amount of added sheen and glimmer to bring a little extra to your already polished self.


So look at these examples from Saint Laurent, Moschino and the like. Yes, most of these aren’t for everyday wear (I probably would though) and they’re solidly in the luxury clothing price range, but each is a great example of how “more” is properly done. With different styling haha.
I have several favourites. The studded elephant on the back of that Etro jacket is great, as is the dark purple sequinned Saint Laurent bomber jacket/shirt… I’m not sure which it is… but hands down the velvet Saint Laurent bomber with butterflies all over is the one I’d wear the most. Dark jeans, a black t-shirt and sneakers with that jacket and you’re good to go.  Same with the bomber covered in silver roses… actually all the jackets. The important things to carry from these looks into your own wardrobe is that the embellished pieces are all subtly done and are the single focus of the whole outfit. It’s probably a stretch calling a possible jacket covered in sequins subtle, but the glimmer is subdued and the deep shade used with the piece’s outline makes it modern. Throughout- from the studs to the tiny beads on the Gucci sweater- shine is toned down and focus is put on the overall pattern and workmanship of the piece. Nothing’s screaming in your face but there’s enough going on to be interesting- and that friends, is how luxurious extra is properly done.


I looked through some stores this week and there’s a definite increase in flashier menswear as retailers are beginning to lure their Christmas shoppers. There are some really good things out there (a little less after I passed through), so remember to get quality over flash if you’re in the market for a little extra.







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